About Us

PachaMama, or Earth Mother in quéchua (the language of the Incas of Peru), is a camping ground surrounded by the unique beauty of the brazilian savanna, one of the worldīs most diverse environments. The region is home to dozens of waterfalls, canyons, more than 25 types of orchids, flying toucans and macaws, anteaters, armadillos and wolves among other wildlife. Facing one of the regionīs landmarks called Morro da Baleia, a whale-shaped mountain, PachaMama is the last stop before the end of the paved road, only 20 km from the national park. Here is where you get the real camping experience surrounded by wilderness and set on top of nice and soft grass, next to warm showers, and comfortable restrooms. We can proudly say that english is spoken and we will be glad to host and assist you on your next camping adventure!