These waterfalls are mostly located inside private lands and a maintenance fee of R$ 5,00 or R$10,00 (US$ 2.00 to US$ 5.00) is usually charged.
Some destinations may require a field guide that we could gladly recommend.

Almécegas Waterfalls I and II
Visible from eyesight much before reaching its base, the first waterfall makes a good picture while the second is good for swimming. Walking distance of 1 and 0.5 miles respectively. Located 8 km from the PachaMama Camping ground.

Água Fria Waterfall
Its a 620 feet drop of continuous waterfall Ideal for practicing rappel. A one mile track must be walked.

São Bento Waterfall
Nice swimming hole that hosts the water polo tournament every year. Located 09 Km from PachaMama.

Loquinhas Waterfall
Easily accessible from the city of Alto Paraíso, less than 2 miles away, once you get there you walk 1 or 2 miles on a suspended trail, or wooden platform, that takes you through the dense vegetation and a series of small crystal clear waterfalls.

Crystal Waterfall
Great place for hiking, sunbathing, taking a dip, or getting a massage from the waterfalls. This is a great place for the family because of its shallow waters, easy access, restroom facilities and snack bar. Approximately 6 km from Alto Paraíso.

Morada do Sol Waterfall
Series of crystal clear swimming holes surrounded by rock walls. About 06 Km after São Jorge and the national park.

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park
Preserved area occupying 1/3 of the local district and accessible only by the village of São Jorge, the park offers two different trails of about 5 miles each. One trail takes you to the biggest drop in the region and the other takes you to a series of canyons. Each trail will take most of your day, about 5 hours walking; therefore, requires good physical condition.

Raizama Waterfall
An excellent place for practicing canyoning, a few miles hike will take to a giant opening with walls that will take your breath away. About 05 km from São Jorge, this place is very dangerous during the raining season.

Vale da Lua
Called "the moon valley" in reference to the unusual rocks sculpted by the water reminding the surface of the moon, this magical place is only 14 Km from PachaMama.

Poço Encantado Waterfall
Located 50 km from Alto Paraíso right on the side of the road there is a 147 feet drop visible from the deck with restrooms and a snack bar. Down bellow, a gravel beach is formed beside the huge swimming hole.

Anjos e Arcanjos Waterfalls
With waters the color of iced tea, given the high concentrations of organic deposit from the leaves, these two waterfalls are far from the crowd, located at the Solárium park about 12 km from Alto Paraíso in the village of Moinho. To get to the waterfalls you must walk about 2 miles each.

Cataratas dos Couros Waterfalls
A series of impressive falls goes miles down the river until it reaches a magnificent canyon. To get there you will need a guide and a good shape. Its located about 50km from Alto Paraíso, 20km on paved road, and like many others must be avoided during raining season.

Other Attractions:

Morro da Baleia
Called "the whale mountain" because of its shape when seen from a far, this local landmark makes up the primary view of the PachaMama camping ground. Bordering the national park, it serves as a natural wall protecting the vegetation, its water sources and wild animals. For those brave enough to climb it to the top, guided tours can be arranged at the camping site.

Maitreya Garden
A sparse valley of unique beauty, reminding of the pre-historic ages, said to be visited by UFOs attracted by its magnetic field. It’s a couple miles walk from the PachaMama Camping ground.

Zen Garden
Some very rare varieties of plants compose the scene of this 16 km walk that leads you to a 230 feet drop. Located about 4 km from Alto Paraíso it requires all day and very good shape.

Jardim do Eden
Called "the garden of Eden" because of its warm waters, it’s a great option for late afternoons or cloudy days. Located 15 km from São Jorge.